Tending to your own flock….

“Tend to the flock of your own community, for we are not saved as individuals.”++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church[ { _ Gospel in the Global Village_ pg 86}

This quote comes from a speech on leadership that ++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori gave to a gathering of bishops in England in 2008 shortly after the Church of England’s synod voted to start the process of  women being included in the episcopate  in the Church Of England.

 As this oil spill crisis  continues literally near my backyard, I cannot help but consider the effects of good & poor leadership.  Here on the U.S Gulf Coast, we have seen little response from the big shots in Washington DC &  surprisingly little from Florida’s governor.  But the last time I was over on the beach near where I live, I must have seen nearly one hundred people walking along the beach looking to remove any trace of oil. Now I cannot be sure if these individuals are  among those hired by the ” enemy{ BP} or are  unpaid volunteers  but regardless of how they got there I must applaud their efforts to keep our local beaches  clean. 

Mission begins at home, whether it be  working in the 100-degree summer heat to clean up beaches in Northwest Florida or donating time to tutor  underprivileged children in one of America’s inner cities.

Charity begins at home & I am really put-off by all the celebrities who willingly jump on the  metaphorical bandwagon to aid  other nations in crisis yet fail to even  issue statements  regarding a crisis here in our own great nation.  Of course it is good for us to help those in need in far-away lands but when a crisis hits our own nation, should  not be the care of our own people be our number-one concern? I am old enough to remember the wonderful work that the celebrity-led  USA For Africa organization did to raise funds & awareness  for the famine victims in Africa in the 1980’s.  My question to Hollywood is: Why not start a USA for The Gulf Coast benefit?  Real, hard-working people are hurting financially  here &  neither the US government nor BP has come through on promises  to help those hit hardest by the economic fallout from the oil spill.

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