wishing for what you can’t have

Wishing for, through what is no fault of one’s own, one cannot have totally sucks!  I am not to blame. But I can control my reaction & I confess that I am NOT doing well with envy-control as of late.

I’m trying hard to be philosophical about this situation but am failing miserably. Envy isn’t a good emotion  & it wastes a lot of energy. But I cannot help how that I feel envy. I’m so blessed in many aspects of my life, but  something that I’ve wanted since childhood is now quietly let pertinently closed to me.  Some of my women friends will understand this dilemma but the guys would * never* understand  if they lived forever.  Last summer I received some  excellent advice from an Episcopal priest whom I love & respect but when I am faced with  bouts of envy over what I cannot attain I completely forget the good spiritual direction   given to me last year .

Guys, you just * don’t * understand.

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  • Catherine  On 06/20/2010 at 4:51 am

    I think I know what you are referring to, and I too have a spiritual director but it didn’t stop with her for I now have a deacon mentoring me…I refused to give up the dream or the calling…rethink Sarah, pray again…the should hope never die.

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