a wing & a prayer

I’m on a natural ” high”.

I went flying in a two-seater plane yesterday. And I am* still* in awe over the experience. Per Cursillio, this was for sure my ” moment closest to Christ” for this vacation. I for sure felt close to God while we were flying…seeing the Appalachians from the sky gave me a much-needed perspective on life in general & the situation in the Gulf Of Mexico{ where I live} in particular.

The plane ride was beyond amazing…and I was NOT scared. It is true that the pilot with whom I flew  is very capable . I’ve always wanted to learn to fly a plane, but my eyesight is terrible. Flying is MUCH more complicated than one would think, & I now have a new appreciation for the skills all pilots must possess.

Yes, the Gulf situation is huge. But in the grand scheme of Creation, it is God, not we humans , Who is in charge.  God, not BP is in charge & we Christians must continue to have faith that the God Who created the mountains of Appalachia & the Gulf Of Mexico will  trend to the Creation. All things happen is God’s time…Karios.


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