Post from PA

Wow….Grandma’s party was a smashing success. I’d judge from the look on her face in my photos that she * was* surprised!  . Y’all, a small miracle occurred last night: approximately 8o people kept a big secret from one Mrs Anne.

I think I drank a wee bit too much wine, but am only * slightly* feeling that effect today. Since I’d spent last night on a couch, sleep eluded me when we finally arrived back at my uncle’s house after Grandma’s party.  Plus, after being at the Lake for a { WONDERFUL} week, I am severely sleep-deprived anyhow. But it is all good & I am very content here in Butler, PA.  

Many of Grandma’s friends & family { including myself…& I hate public speaking}  gave tributes to Grandma. It was also fun to see many of the men & women with whom she worked come to the party.

This morning I attended Mass at St Peters’ Anglican Church in Butler.  Only * one* person bothered to ask me anything about myself before the Mass started & during coffee hour in the basement NO ONE bothered to speak with me at all. :O( It was weird. The young priest preached a good sermon, but I could not help but  return to thinking about how the ACNA is shaking the foundation of the catholic, universal Church over something as minute as  the personal lives of consenting adults.  After all, if Jesus Christ is the sure foundation of our Church, than who should * really* care about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Schism isn’t good for ANY reason.

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