inner beauty never fades

I gave up on watching the “Today Show last year.

 But this afternoon I came across an online version of a story done by Ann Curry about a man, who, faced with a rare form of cancer, consented to having most of his face surgically removed. What is more amazing is that his wife stuck by him…even when he  became a recluse due to the psychological pain he felt  after his surgery. According to the story, he was able to get reconstructive surgery  that included a new prosthetic nose.

His wife  loves him & recognized that inner beauty cannot be tampered with or destroyed.  I am still a bit cynical when it comes to matters of dealing with the opposite sex. yet I am hopeful after reading this  story of real-life true love.

 While I’ll cop to liking pretty boys as much as the next straight gal,I’ve discovered  that I tend to find men attractive who have lasting endearing personality qualities . Men I find attractive as of late are not Hollywood hunks & frankly I’m glad they are not.   Zac Effron isn’t always gonna look like ” Zac Effron”. And on the  side of straight men, Megan Foxx isn’t always gonna be ” perfect” , either.:op

A man with a wicked sense of humor can & always has made me swoon  as is a man with  a myriad of interests & a heart for social justice.  I also like men who are willing to try new experiences & who don’t scoff at women who are adventurous & a bit ” edgy”.  In short, I recognize inner beauty in men much easier in my mid-30s than I did in my teens or even in my mid-20’s. If a man has personality qualities  which pique my interest, I’ll notice faster his nice  eyes, great smile,  well-formed hands, ect. {And yeah…it helps if he is a big football fan…but hates that Cleveland team Auburn & * Ichigan. Haha}

 Inner beauty never fades.

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