where to go?

Finally, after about 6 years, I’ve earned a free flight on Delta.

My problem right now  is: where to go?

 I’d LOVE to go to NYC in October, but so far have * not* heard back from my friend at General Seminary yet regarding these plans. So I am thinking that I’ll need  some altenate ideas.

 Idea One: Home.  Autumn in  western PA, WV & eastern Ohio is lovely.

Idea Two: Retreat at St Leo Benedictine Abbey{ FL} & some quality time with Crystal & Mike.

My friends & family from up home are going to want me to make the resernations for PIT, & I would love to see them again..  Yet  I very much NEED a silent retreat  & now that I have a free airline ticket anywhere in the continental US, I’m also thinking that now is the time for a silent two-day retreat at ” my” abbey in St Leo, FL{ near Tampa}.  If I make this trip, I can also spend some days with my good friends  Mike & Crystal.  Another bonus is, I can see if I can make the ” Oblate’s weekend” at the abbey: something I’ve * never* done yet due mostly to the insane amount of money airline tickets  require. 

Perhaps  am being ” called” to make this trip to St Leo Abbey?

I don’t know.  If I either go home for a Fall Break or make the trip to southwest Florida I’ll need to give up a chance to spend some time at General Seminary & NYC. Boo.

Choices…….stay tuned.

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  • mary  On 07/03/2010 at 4:11 pm

    I feel very strongly for St Leo Abbey yet I know God will reveal His path to you clearly! Looking forward to seeing what happens! Peace and love to you! I so enjoy your blogs…grace notes to my internet experience for sure!! ~Mary

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