” I Am An Anglican”

One of my friends introduced me to this cute Episcopal camp song…here are some of the words.

Sung to the tune of _ God Bless America_

Not a Presby,
Nor a Luth’ran
Nor a Baptist, white with foam;
I am an Anglican –
Just one step from Rome!
I am an Anglican —
Via Media, Bom Bom

The first verse has something about we Anglican Catholics as being ” protestant”  , so I intentionally left that part out of bot my Facebook quote & today’s blog. We are NOT Protestant!  :O) I know some of my dear friends will disagree with me on this, but I don’t care.  Trust me, no Prot Christian will submit to the authority of a bishop…among other differences.

Yup , I’m proud to be ” one step away from Rome” . I tend to think that we Anglo-Catholics are the more improved & updated Catholics.

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