Bayside Confession

 Today  during our weekday Mass we learned more about our sacramental rite of reconciliation.

My priest says that he * did not* read my mind, but sometimes it is amazing how the Holy Spirit works through all of us…as I had been prepping to make my second  reconciliation . As a matter of fact{ oops} my cell phone rang during Mass this morning &   the reason for the phone call had to deal with scheduling my Confession.

 I’ll make my Confession at Beckwith Camp & conference Center tomorrow  afternoon. BCCC is located on gorgeous Weeks Bay in southern Alabama & is my Diocese’s  camp & conference facility. It is a beautiful facility & I am looking forward to seeing it again….the last time I was there was for a Central Gulf Coast Cursillio closing.

 It has been over one year since I’ve made my first { & so far only} confession & I am way overdue.  As Anglicans we approach reconciliation with the attitude  that” all may, some should but none must” make a Confession.  I know that if I HAD to make a Confession, I’d approach this rite with  much less enthusiasm  as I hate folks telling me that I * must* do anything.

But since Confession is not a requirement  for we Anglican Christians I approach this rite with more open-heartedness than I would if canon law dictated  how often I go to Confession.  Even though  I need not have made a Confession in order to be confirmed in The Episcopal Church, this was something that I felt that I wanted and needed to do as part of my pre-confirmation preparation. I come from the Reformed, Calvinist Presbyterian tradition but since I came of age in a community with a majority of the population  as Roman Catholic, I knew more about the 5 sacramental rites than your average Protestant girl.

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