wedding bells

 I went to a wedding in Georgia this past weekend. It was lovely & I am * very* happy for the bride & groom. { Congrats Michael &  Elizabeth. Many many happy years together! }

The wedding was held on the beautiful campus of Berry College in north Georgia. This ceremony took place in one of THREE chapels/ churches on the huge campus. Frost Chapel is really an architectural treasure & I have photos posted on my Facebook account in anyone is interested in seeing what it looks like. { I apologize for the poor quality of the altar area photos, as my little  Canon Power Shot camera isn’t the best at taking photos in low-light}

 But what I * really* wanna know is why Protestants do not view marriage is one of the 5 sacramental rites as do we catholic Christians? It is true that the two main sacraments of our Church are Baptism & Eucharist, but what I want to know is the reason for the Protestants’ decision to do away with all the other sacramental rites of the Church?  I was baptized & spent most of my faith life as a Presbyterian & * always* was puzzled as to why mainline Protestantism  denies te importance of the rites of marriage, confirmation, ordination, reconciliation and unction of the sick.

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