Carrying Crosses

The Christian life is not easy.

I REALLY do not trust those churches who promise ” warm fuzzies” & a quick fix. Life isn’t all” warm fuzzies” in general & surely a life centered on Christ is not meant to be easy, either.

To use an image from the Holy Friday Stations of the Cross, we are called to ” take up our Crosses” & follow Our Lord. One of the reasons why I love the season of Lent & the liturgy of Holy Week is that by participating in it, we catholic Christians are metaphysically walking with Christ towards His death. Yes we do know that at the end of every Lenten season & Holy Week, there is the glorious Easter. Yet we really can’t fully appreciate the power of Christ’s victory over death & sin unless we , too, remind ourselves to take up our Crosses. We will stumble with our Crosses & this is ok as long as we ” keep on keeping on”.

The true miracle of Easter comes after the pain & sorrow of Holy Friday.

Most of us don’t have to carry around a literal heavy wooden cross, but the metaphorical crosses that we are asked to carry can be just as heavy. I’m in the middle of a Holy Friday point in my spiritual life & I’ve been praying the Sorrowful Mysteries with my Rosary lately. I have told God that I will bear this cross & use whatever wisdom I glean from the sorrow it causes me to further God’s Kingdom in Christ’s name.

In order to be better servants, we have to be willing to sacrifice for the betterment of our faith communities, our families, & even ourselves. The Christian life isn’t about US, it’s about GOD. Too often I am guilty of letting myself get in the way of God’s plan for me & the people whose lives I share but I’ve realized that the selfish id{ which I believe is the most primitive part of the human psyche…correct me of I am wrong} is responsible for a lot of trouble.

But it ” ain’t” easy, y’all.

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