Things a 5 year old is teaching me

This week I’ve had the privilege to spend some time getting to know the world’s most remarkable five-year-old boy. Other than the fact that this insightful, intelligent & all-around FUN child , he has taught me a lot about life{ and in only two days!}

Lessons from a five-year-old:
– It’s ok to ask lot of questions
– Drinking straws can be fun .
– I am worthy of love from a child, & one who isn’t & need not be related to me.
– Coffee creamers in hot chocolate tastes good.
– Kitchen chemistry experiments { safety first: no fire} can be fun
– There are more than three ways to play the game known as Mancala.
-” Curious George” reminds me a lot of myself.
-God does smile at games of tic-tack-toe being played during Mass.
-The concept of * Pew Aerobics* mean something entirely different to a four-foot-something person.
-It is ok to ask for a second cookie if one is still hungry.
-I’m sorry” are powerful words….
– …but even more powerful are the words” I love you, Ms. Sarah.”

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