Understanding God in differences


Clearly I am * still* smarting from the hurt by a certain group of people. Although I am at a * much* better place than I was over two years ago * still* smart from how I was treated before & after I left the Presbyterian church. They not only hurt ME badly, they also hurt the children of my Episcopal parish last summer when there lay leadership decided{ after a ten-year-long tradition} to stop co-sponsoring VBS with my parish. They gave us no reason & as a result the children of my small parish did not have an opportunity for VBS last summer.

It is bad enough that all but one family from that church shunned me totally….but to shun MY parish after years of shared VBS ministry is, to me, totally almost unforgivable.

++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori, in her book_ A Wing & A Prayer_ ” there are all kinds of ways we meet God. There are all kinds of ways that we understand God. Or don’t understand God, which is probably a whole lot closer to the truth.”

In the same sermon, ++ Katharine continues to say that we are ALL part of the same human community,no matter how we understand God.

I stll do not understand why they acted as they did{ and apparenly continue to act…} Being shunned from one community , even when one has left it, is painful. But what doubles the pain I feel from this situation is how they included my current faith community in their collective shunning. :O(

Once again, ++ Katharine’s words help….now my charge is to find out exactly how to put this advice into action.

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