” called for such a time as this..”.

Oy vey…I am feeling a lot like Esther of the Bible must have felt like when she ” knew ” she had to do a very tough task. I have not even spoken with my rector about this{ as he is on vacation this week} but I feel called to take over & make some BIG changes} with my parish’s Christian Education department. The parish needs a new Christian Education director & I’ve been praying for guidance regarding the direction of my baptized ministry all school year.

At first I didn’t think I was the person for the job. I’m only in my mid-30’s with some physical challenges & limited monetary resources.
But the more I’ve prayed about it…the more I see my potential as a more than adequate Christian Education leader. Maybe * some* people might see my age as a hinderance, but I’m guessing that my young rector & the Vestry will be open to ideas from ” new blood”. { at least I hope & pray that this will be the case!!!!}

I’m excited about approaching my vestry with this idea but also part of me is scared out of my wits.

But the more I prayed about this, the more I felt God pulling me in this direction of ministry.
~ I AM younger.
~ I DO have a background in education plus a Florida childcare provider’s licence
~ I AM an ” out-of-the box thinker”…and can get along & problem solve creatively.
~ Although I’ve not been an Episcopalian for long, I’m very schooled on our faith tradition . Another added bonus: I’m a voracious reader who is willing to learn more.
~I , althought not a parent myself, do love spending time with the next generation & getting to know their families.

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