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Yep….another quote. I have no idea who the original speaker/writer of this quote is, but I pulled it from a FB page of a friend. { Thanks}

“Do not forget the young woman you once were, do not forget the dance floor queen who was not afraid of anything, neither men nor love. Cherish your past, forgive your lovers, understand that everything you have is part of the great voyage of your life. Remember that the people you’ve met, even if they have hurt you, are part of a whole that is your life, and helped you become what you are.” Christine Baranski

Amen. Amen. Amen.

My past is part of my present and also part of my future. As much as I would like to run away from certain aspects of my past, I cannot . At this point in my life I am comfortable with who I am now and I also realize that I would not be the person I am if it were not for all the hardships I’ve endured.

Case in point: I was bullied severely in school. While some statistics note that children who are bullied grow up to become adults who bully.This is NOT the case with me: because I know what it is like to be bullied I am a staunch advocate for anyone who is marginalized by certain groups or by society as a whole. No one deserves to be a target of bullying just because she or he is deemed ” different”. If I had not experienced first-hand the pain bullying causes , I would not have intimate knowledge of how victims of injustice feel.

As for my personal life: I FINALLY know what sort of man I want & need. If I would not have made such stupid mistakes with being attracted to me who clearly were not good for me I would not have gleaned the insight I am blessed with now. I’ve also learned that, like the Greek mythical character Athena, I am a woman who is one-unto-herself. We Athena archetypes appreciate and adore men but we prefer them as companions rather than someone to tend to our needs.

There have been many who have hurt me in my adult life. Naturally I did not see the so-called ” big picture” when I was going through the hell that was part of my past employment gigs, but years later I can and do know that these situations were part of my character-building .

Even in my faith life: if it were not for A LOT of pain I would not be at the * wonderful * place I am now. In retrospect I truly believe that I was always an Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian but it was only through some soul-searching, prompted by much strife on my part, that I found the courage to answer the call to join The Episcopal Church. My only regret regarding tis matter is that I wish that I’d heeded the call to become an Episcopalian sooner! But again, everything happens to all of us for a reason.

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