Healthy & Happy

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” ~World Health Organization, 1948

After YEARS of struggling with my body image, I have FINALLY found a photo of myself in a bathing suit that I like! Yes. Anyone who k has known me from junior high on…I’ve struggled with a hatred of my physical self. Without delving into too much detail, lets suffice it to say that I practiced some * very* self-destructive attitudes & behaviors towards my body.

But, with God’s help & the help of my faith community{ both parish & diocese} I am to the point where I can be a good steward of the body with which I’ve been so blessed.

No it isn’t perfect but no one is perfect. And the women in the public eye to whom I look up for fashion & cosmetic advice are women who are quite comfortable in their own skin. Lisa Bloom & Christiane Amanpour have great style & while dressing & carrying themselves with confidence in the bodies they’ve been given at birth. The ” signature Christiane look{ dark suit with a button-down white blouse} is timeless, as is her haircut. If I meet Ms Amanpour, one of the questions I have for her is” How did you overcome being ” ethnic” in a white bread America?” It would be so cool to be half Persian & Half British. My own geneology isn’t * quite* as exotic as here, but this Iris Catholic Russian Jewish American has a bit of the exotic{ for a white gal!!} too.

I don’t have DD boobs & I don’t want them. I’m tallish for a woman 5 ft 5 1/2 inches & built as mom calls my younger brother & me a ” pencil person”. my bone structure is petite but that doesn’t mean that I need to maintain a weight of barely 100 pounds, as I’ve tortured myself by doing for too many years.

As the great philosopher Popeye says” I Yam who I Yam”


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