Rain epic enough for Noah’s ark…in a canoe

Today’s nerdy quote is:

“The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor.” ~Hubert H. Humphrey

Yesterday some of my parishioners, our priest & myself wennt on a canoeing adventure on a river in the Northwest Florida woods. 30 souls of varying ages were to float down the river, find a suitable sandbar & have Mass & lunch & be on our way . Well, we did all that, but not exactly according to plan.

Not long after we left, we found ourselves in the middle of a rainstorm. So we pullled our canoes, kayaks & tubes ashore to a sand bar to allegedly wait out the rain. It was fun, as at that point the rain wasn’t hard nor were there any sign of thunder & lightening. So we waited & waited. Finally we found a clearing in the woods that somhow accomodated 30 folks & we had Mass on the river with te rain pouring down.

It was, per Cursillio, one of my ” moment closest to Christ”. There is nothing like worshipping together & sharing a common cup of sorts, it was really a plastic water bottle} & sharing Eucharis in the middle of nowhere.

My parish community is full of wonderful people. But the 30 of us who attended the first ” Canoecharist” REALLY bonded. There is nothing like hunkering down with three other human beings in the middle of a thunderstorm in the wilderness to make one realize how important community is to each of us. I hate storms & my autism makes me super sensitive to certain noises. But, thanks be to God, my canoe-mate, Mary Ann & the folks in the canoe closest to us were * very* understanding of my distress.

I am so blessed to really really like spending time with my parish family. We all are parts of communities within larger communities & I am proud to say that I am so blessed & proud to be a part of my parish community. And besides we’re FUN people!

That, folks, is “Community”. Rain & all, Canoecharists 2010 was a special worship & fellowship experience for all who attended. It was also tons of FUN. So, when can we do it again? :O)

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