soft hardware

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer. ~Farmer’s Almanac, 1978

I write this as I sit and wait for the Dell repair person to come to the house with parts to service my laptop PC. { Maybe I should have bought a Mac! Shh, don’t tell my computer that–it might hurt his feelings. } Dang it that I cannot afford a Mac…as even though I am a loyal Windows sort of gal those new MacBooks looked * so* tempting during the computer-shopping discernment process.

I’ve decided that computers in general must be designed by men: at least my Dell Inspiron at any rate. Its hardware requires way too much tender loving care than I wish to give. But anyone who knows me is aware that I am as loyal as I am frugal so this purple Dell Inspiron & I are in it for the life of the computer!

I’m waiting on a part & service for the power cord outlet for the laptop. What really pisses me off about this situation is that I paid a lot of money less than a year ago & have had to utilize the VERY EXPENSIVE three-year warranty . At first this cheap skate balked at the idea of spending 300 dollars on a ” warranty” but little did I know that the ” wasted” money I reluctantly coughed up for this ” protection” would actually pay for itself within two service & tech support issues.

Yesterday morning I tried to charge the laptop & the dang cord would not, no matter how hard I pushed{ and how loudly I cussed!!} fit into the side of the laptop. Upon some investigation by yours truly I saw that the” pin” on the inside of the outlet was knocked kitty-corner. . While uttering some more cuss words, I tried to remedy the situation myself using a pin. When I realized that this home” computer surgery” wasn’t gonna produce any results I called Dell’s support hotline. Thankfully I didn’t wait long before a very nice guy with a thick accent told me what I already know: My Inspiron needed some tech surgery on tits power cord outlet apparatus.

Lesson learned: Maybe I should be nicer when I let Mom & Dad talk me into buying something that they know I’ll need. If it hadn’t been for my parents’ less-than-gentle prodding, I would probably bought a new computer by now.


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