whatever happened to Sarah the Shy?

‘If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” ~Albert Einstein

Pretty much….yup.

I am a recovering shy person. Really. Or am I still shy but a bit more confident?

I am not sure just why The Spirit is moving in me * now* but today I’ve let God prove to me that :
A} My out-of-the-box thinking can produce some kick-butt ideas.
B} I am very assertive when it comes to seeing my ideas bear fruit.
C} Confidence in my own unique take on the world & my own way of inspiring others to do ministry, is paramount. I do have a lot of leadership potential & In looking back I am guessing that this potential was squelched.

No, I still do not know what God’s long-term plan for my baptized ministry is but as of right now I am planning to do what I love best , but with a new twist. I’ve missed working with children & youth in the parish setting & missed it a lot more than I’d originally realized.

My priest & I had a good conversation/brainstorming session about some ideas for sharing ministry in the parish & I am excited for the next meeting & what fruits that ” meeting of the minds” will bring forth.

In my personal life I am the shyest woman you’d meet: One of the few true fears I still possess is that of rejection. But that is a whole other story….

But in my life of serving Christ: If I have an idea than by golly, I’m gonna let folks know about it. :O) I don’t know who said it first, but I also like the adage ” Tis better to seek forgiveness than to ask permission.”

Lesson learned today: Don’t be afraid to let your inner creativity & problem-solving shine. Look for placesto both build upon existing programs & create new ones.

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