“I can’t wait all my life
On a street of broken dreams.”
~Journey, “It Could Have Been You

It was * so* apropos that I was ” voluntold” { and that is a word! } to read Sunday’s lesson from St Paul.

Lately I’ve been suffering from major ENVY! I’m not disclosing what causes this envy, as it is way too personal, but I hate how envy makes me feel other negative emotions.

Wishing for the impossible doesn’t do anyone any good. Yet I still, even one year later, wish that something could have been different. In my mind & know darn well that my choice was the correct one yet my soul still has trouble accepting the consequences of that choice. As a result I often feel myself turning into the proverbial” green-eyed monster” . This is NOT a good emotion & with it I carry a lot of ” stuff”.

It is pointless to keep lamenting on ” What could have been”> I need to focus on the ” here & now”. Envy holds me back when I want to move forward with my life.

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