7:30 A.m. phone calls & Morning Prayer

Anyone who knows me at all kows that I am not one who takes surprises well.

So when my cell phone rang at 7:30 CST this morning & I saw my priest’s number show up on the display I thought.

” This can’t be good.”

Well, no & yes. Let me explain.

He was calling me to ask if I would assist the layperson who is licenced by our Bishop to lead Morning & Evening Prayer in the absence of clergy. One of our parishioners needed Last Rites & the usual Wednesday Eucharist would be come Morning Prayer Rite Two.

Although I am an experienced lay reader I’ve not ever assisted at Morning Prayer until today. Thankfully I got to the church early enough to meet with the Worship Leader to go through the Readings for MP.

It was weird, when I read the lessons & Intercessions for Holy Eucharist I don’t think twice about the possibility of ” messing up” > Yet this morning all can say is that I was * very* grateful that I needed not vest to assist in MP: I was nervous as a fox caught in a steel trap!

For one thing my bad eyes had trouble reading the tiny print. Also, I’m not too familiar with MP so my natural instinct was to read the Lessons in the order they appear in Holy Eucharist. Oops. Thankfully, I’ve always been a ” quick study, especially when it comes to Anglican worship services!

But we led worship for a few faithful souls & it ended up both a worshippful & educational experience for me. In being called upon to serve in a liturgical function about which I know next to nothing, I felt very blessed to be among those worshipers gathered at my church this morning. I guess one had to be there in order to fully appraciate what I’m trying to say but I’m learning that in unexpected circumstances such as this God is very much at work.


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