College: When I really began to ” Shine”

In honor of the Feast of the Transfiguration, I will dedicate this blog to my West Lib ” Lunch Bunch” friends. They have truly been & continue to be a major part of my life & I am blessed to count them as lifelong friends. Several of us live in the Wheeling/Pittsburgh area but some of us moved far away from West Liberty State College & the general area where most of us spent our childhoods.

Hey, Lunch Bunch, do you all remember:

Zia’s Pizza & the ” special Cheese” { GROSS}

Theatre Apprciation class….the 8 oclock ” study hall” for most of us. Count me among those who never paid attention in that class yet managed to walk away at the end of the semester with an A.

My Musical friends: Dr Mahy’s ” Hour of Power” & private lessons. Dang it: am so * not* an alto!

Snowball fights on the quad & yellow snow.

Midnight { or later} Dennys’ runs followed by wrecking havoc at the St Clairsville Wal-Mart. { and remember that time some of us actually managed to get thrown out of said Wal-Mart? }

That infamous cassette tape which wpould be worth millions by now if we could only remember its location.

Cooking & game nights in Krise Hall.

That Super Bowl party in my room in Krise & watching the Steelers lose to the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve passionately hated the team from Dallas since then, too!

ROAD TRIPS to Pittsburgh, Columbus & Butler.

My unsuccessful attempts at learning to drive a car.

Giving certain professors nicknames…

Homecoming dances & Thursday nights at The Happening.

” The ultimate Curse…..” { It worked}

The ” Tombs of the Unknowns Students” on the Quad. Officially these ugly edifices were supposed to be part of Alumni Park. but they made * great* skateboarding ramps until Campus maintainance decided to erect railings around the sacred pyramids.

VAXA machines & email adresses that were longer than most opening credits in movies.

MULL’S Mini-mart.

Kappa Phi winning * every* Homecoming Queen crown. Wee Hoo!

Campfires & evading the campus police

Ghost hunting & graveyard romping.

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