My first Vestry meeting is tonight!

My first Vestry meeting is this evening at 5.30 CST. NO I am NOT a vestry person at my parish{ Thanks be to God, NO!!} but I *am*becoming quite active with the parish’s Christian Education ministry. Yesterday I attended a meeting with my priest & other members of the Christian Education ministry team& it was very successful. I am so blessed to have such great & talented folks in my parish with whom to work.

Not only did my priest & the other members of this team listen to my crazy ideas for expanding upon our youth & childens’ ministry programs: they LIKED the ideas! Wow…I love working with people who think as ” out-of-the-box” as do I do. This will be a GREAT year!

My previous church in my previous denomination REALLY stifled me as well as put me through some spiritual abuse. While I am * much* healthier then I was when I came to my parish & subsequenally TEC I still carry with me some scars from the spiritual abuse. I am, however working towards total forgiveness of that organization & no longer wish them harm. while admit to my feelings of anger towards the former congregation I recognize that I am only hurting myself & my relationship with God by harboring this deep animosity. Also, please note that the clergy of the former congregation are not the culprits. Most of the spiritual abuse suffered was at the hands of the LAY leadership of this particular mainline Protestant church.

I FINALLY feel like perhaps I’ve found my baptized ministry calling in Christian Ed. I’ve taught Sunday school years ago at my former church, but never felt led{ or permitted!!!} to try out new ideas that might benefit the young people of the church. Not only am I of the opinion that ministry with youth, children & their families is VITAL to any parish but it is an area of ministry that I find spiritually invigorating. Truth told, I have missed working with youth, children & their familes in church & a delighted to be given an opportunity to engage in this sort of ministry again as an Episcopalian.

But I must remind myself….” vestry is NOT session, Vestry is NOT session” . Thanks be to God, Vesry is NOT Session. And I need to * fully* forgive the lay leadership of that former Protestnt church.

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