Who Knew? But a FUN Vestry meeting!

You know you are Episcopalian when……

Vestry meetings are actually FUN!

Last evening I went to my first ever Vestry meeting. I’m not serving on Vestry currently, but it looks as though I’m doing what I , a former school employee, love: working with the parish’s youth & childens’ ministry. As y’all know, I am super-excitedabout our plans for te 2010-11 school year . Gosh, it is hard to believe that it is almost back-to-school time here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I know most of the kids do’t want to return to school, but I am looking forward to the new ” school year” at church.

We’ll try some new things this year & I am REALLY excited to be on board with such a great Christian Education ministry team. This Bishop is coming in October, so we’ll have conirmations, receptions & reaffirmations. The middle & high school youth will study, after the Bishop’s visit, a cool unit on environmental stewardship. I’m also planning a parish-wide even at one of the local high school football games. Some of the youth in my parish are in the high school band & besides football games are just what people here * do* on Friday nights in the Florida autumn. :O)

I want to give kudos to my parish’s vestry…as we are blessed with yet another wonderful team . I stayed for the whole meeting & am very proud of my parish’s ability tochoose Godly & very capable people to help further the Gospel ission of the Church Universal. I’m so proud of y’all…..soooo proud.

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