haven’t got time for the pain…

Carly Simon rocks…..:O) I’ve loved her work since childhood & can’t wait to get her new album. As the kids today say, the new remix of her old classic songs will be ” legit”. :O) Carly Simon not only has one heck of a voice but she is also quite the poet. Sorry, but the ” pop” stars of today cannot compare to the talent that is Carly Simon.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking a lot about how strange people are. One particular ex-friend comes to mind. She quit talking to me suddenly & to this day cannot figure out her reasoning. Frankly, I suspect why she ended our friendship so suddenly but I am not gonna delve into that in my blog. That would be mean & I am trying hard to NOT return evil for evil…alhough there is plenty I could say about that situation. Although I am totally where I should be, I still cannot forgive nor forget how badly this individual hurt my feelings when she quit talking to me. And this morning I want to tell her & that whole organization to STUFF IT! :O( I’ve tried to ask her what the heck is goin on but she won’t return any of my calls or emails.

I may have many faults, but AM loyal & value my friends. When others don’t value friendship enough to at least tell me why one wants no more contact with me I have trouble forgiving & forgetting. I haven’t time for her crap…..but why does rejection without explanation still bother me? The whole situation just sucks & I am so glad to at least be free from that poison. Yet clearly I am still hurting….darn it!

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