I’ll stand by You Part One

Yah..back in my Presbyterian days I’d written a sermon using this song” I’ll Stand By You” by the 1990’s group The Pretenders. While the video to the song is a bit emo for my usual tastes, I love the words to this song. The refrain, especially, always has special meaning to me. It goes something like this:

I’ll stand by you/ I’ll stand by you/ Won’t let anyone hurt you/I’ll stand by you

That is a promise important enough repeated three times. No matter what, the narrator of the lyrics promises to stick with her beloved NO MATTER WHAT THE WORLD THROWS AT THEM. This sort of devotion is rare in most of this postmodern American society. As I move forward with m parish family one of the things that I’d like to instill with our parish’s children & youth s a see of the unconditional LOVE of God. I want to be a Christ-Light & a Christ-bearer to the younger people to whom I minister & with whom I share this Christian journey.

In my Christian Life , I have been blessed with people who have NOT left my life. These important friends, mentors, spiritual siblings, ect have stood by & continue to ” stand by” me. Several of these folks live miles from my coastal Florida home but they are still very much a part of my life. My amazing Godparents come to mind as excellent examples of people who continue to be Christ-bearers in my life ” from afar”.

Technology is a * great* way that we Christians can stand by & be present with each other when we might not get any chances to enjoy personal time together. For instance, I make it a practice to intentionally write on the Facebook walls of the kids from my parish who have moved on for college. These awesome young people are a big part of my faith story I am glad that technology exists so that I can send a brief message letting them know how proud I am. :O )

All people, but perhaps especially our young folks, need stability & meaningful relationships with adults. I pray every da that I will be the best Christian example to our youth that I can be while still remaining authentic.

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