Equality is everyone’s buisness…

I am straight & also a PROUD supporter of equal rights for GLBT persons .

We have a long way to go in this country with regards to full inclusion of our GLBT citizens. It is still, in this country, perfectly acceptable for folks to discriminate against people just because they might be born with an attraction to the same sex. While I totally don’t understand how someone could be attracted to a person of their same gender, I do understand that attraction is attraction . Heck, most women I know cannot understand why I am attracted to the men I find myself drawn to most of the time! But my personal preference of the sort of men I am drawn to does not preclude me from acceptance into all of society. Because I am straight, I can enjoy living without fear that my personal life will result in my being banned from organizations, jobs school, ect. My straightness was never an issue just as my Caucasian race was not an issue. I’m white & straight but there are folks who are not just like me & their innate differences are the cause of unfair discrimination.

Where I live now my gender can be an issue with some folks.They think strong, intelligent women are somewhat ” unfeminine”{ Ummm have ya MET ME? Ya can’t call me unfeminine! :O) } I’m naturally introverted, but when the subject of equality arises I am fearless. however, I wish I had more of a public venue for my ideals. Lisa Bloom, lawyer & justice advocate extraordinaire, is inspiring to me. Even when I don’t agree with her 100 percent on everything, I have such a respect for someone who uses her visibility to raise awareness on issues such as equality.

Even my otherwise open-minded parents still { albeit very discreetly} balk at the notion that people with homosexual tendencies re just like we straight people. Mom asked me once if I thought that an acquaintance of mine was a lesbian & I said” I dunno I don’t care.”

People are people.Deal with it! Amen

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