Spiritual Autobiographies

Yep…Its that time of year again, friends. It is time for me to write my spiritual autobiography for EfM. It might be just a tad easier this year.. since I am no longer brand new to EfM but it still isn’t gonna be easy.

This year I am gonna focus on the ” Steppingstones” of my faith life as an adult. Last year, the focus was to tell our entire story chronologically & I think that this year’s method of doing spiritual autobiographies will be less daunting.

Its been a year of change for me, thats for sure. And until recently, I have not felt comfortable sharing with folks about some of the ” stuff” I experienced in my adult faith life that was painful. But I also realize that if I did not experience the pain & would not be the strong person I am now. Carly Simon sang” You have to hurt to understand/ you have to get by the best you can.”Yep.

I love my life as it is….and I have no regrets. I’ve also learned who my REAL friends are this past year. My REAL friends don’t make a big deal about attending the Mass at which I was confirmed only to TOTALLY cut off contact with me two weeks later. Sorry, but I fail to understand such actions.

I am blessed with being part of a Church & a parish that puts the teachings of Christ at the center of its corporate life. I’ve grown closer to Christ especially through my EfM seminar group. Thy taught { & continue to teach } me that we Christ-Followers are truly ” one in the Spirit” & that opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one.:O) I watch CNN to get political opinions, I go to church to worship God.

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  • smurlene  On 09/29/2010 at 1:39 am

    Good luck on this process! I know how hard it is to tell the truth an examine your life, but you have done so well so far!

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