thoughts from F Scott

‎”The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ha, I love me some F. Scott. :O)

Anyhow, this quote really ” speaks ” to me. I get really frustrated with an ” us versus them” mentality. Yet at the same time I find myself getting wrapped up in the trappings of this unhealthy way of looking at the issues surrounding our Church & our society.

Anyone who knows me at all knows how very opinionated I am. But at the same time I do not see the merit in wanting to separate from others, especially other Christians, who think differently than me. I feel strongly that schism is bad for the Church & that all schism does is rub proverbial salt into wounds that are centuries old. I don’t agree with those who have left our Church for reasons that they perceive as ” right” . But on the other hand if they{ wither collectively or as individual family units} wish to return to our Church I welcome them with open arms. As Christians & especially American Episcopalians, we are ” One in the Spirit” & what should unite us is way more fundamentally important than what divides us.

In EfM I am learning to open my heart to other points of view & for someone as opinionated as me this is no easy task. I’m also learning fromj my participation in EfM, to be an active & appreciative listener to others whose points of view on any given subject do * not* match mine. Healthy relationships are all about communication & in order to communicate we can’t run fro those with whom we disagree. Admittedly I do not hold a lot of respect for folks who let their sociopolitical veiews separate them from the one holy catholic & apostolic Church but if said ” desserters” wish to worship & fellowship with a community again I’d welcome them back.

While I’m discussing leaving a church let me go on record as saying that the reason I felt led to leave my previos denominated was NOT NOT NOT sociapolitical. I left that community for reasons that are personal & quite painful to discuss but I can assure y’all that my reasons for leaving them were not polity-based.

Anyhow, I digress { again} We have to be able to be in conversation with those on the ” other side” of sociopolitical issues if we are going to move forward as a society. Listen, people, Listen. Amen.

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