Anti-Semitism: Veiled but alive & well

Now don’t get me wrong, I had a FABULOUS time up in the woods. I love that part of the country its people.

But while there, I ran into some rampant anti-Semitism from someone whom I know .

I take anti -Semitism very personally.

She was complaining about how most of the mainstream media are ” liberal” { yeah–whatever!!!} and ended her rant with ” Well, they all are a bunch of liberal , elitist money-grubbing Jews anyhow”

I am NOT kidding, those are her words. And this woman knows damn well that I am half Jewish{ and proud of my heritage, thankyouverymuch!!!!} But this straight, white Christian Jewish woman isn’t accustomed to being the target of bigotry. My heart goes out to all those folks who, beause of race or sexual preference, are the target of such hate speech by misinformed people. I am trying hard to, as a favorite teacher once advised, to ” play duck & let it slide off my back like water” but so far I have not gotten anywhere near that point where I can shake off such comments.

Un-freakin-believable. :O( Now I am not so naive to think that anti-Semitism is wiped from society yet it has been a long time since I’ve witnessed such vehement anti-Semitism from someone I know. That hurts & hurts a hell of a lot! And anyhow this isn’t 1935….but perhaps to some people time-warped thinking is a-ok.

Why isn’t anti-semitism discussed in or allegedly ” liberal” media?

Take note anyone who thinks its ok to discriminate against Jewish people: History is on the side of my Jewish ancestors.

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