“Quick Novel” is a bust & politics suck

My National Novel writing Month project is a bust… I am so far behind on my word count that I don’teven think I’m gonna make an honest effort to make the 50,000 word deadline for NANOWRIMO. Anyhow, I am NOT gonna quit on this novel…just quit on NANOWRIMO. I’m pretty pleased with what I have on the novel so far but I am also a realist. This is gonna be one of those incredibly slow-going projects & any of my professors could tell ya that I am too much of a perfectionist to ” speed-write” well. I’m agonizing over every freaking sentence. :O( My initial goal was to hae the first chapter where I introduce my main character, completed by today. { so what am I doing blogging when I * should* be smithing some words?}

In other news: ” Voldermort” has risen, indeed & he’ll take over the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee this January ****. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how I feel about his man as the governor of the state that I’ve come to adopt as home. Oy Oy…..our state will need many intercessory prayers to deliver us from the evil of “Voldermort”:O( I am so NOT KIDDING! Normally I shy away from commentary on politics, but this particular Governor-Elect really scares me My vote was not FOR Alex Sink{ as I don’t trust her, either..not at all} as it was a vote AGAINST Rick Scott. All politicians are snake-oil salespeople & Florida elected the SNAKE himself as Governor. Ugh ugh Ugh . I voted, so I have every right to complain about how much I hate the idiots Florida elected into office. At the poll I’d briefly considered voting for a third-party candidate but then I realized that a vote for anyone other than Alex Sink would be a vote for Vodermort himself. In this tight race I’m savvy enough to know that , indeed, every vote against Scott * did* count . Sadly, at the end of Tuesday it wasn’t enough. :O(

The American political system is broken, y’all. Th fact that a clown with a crimnal record & a lot of money can be ” elected”into thehighest ffice of a state is proof that the entire political arena of the United States needs a ” do-over”.

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