book came

So, my book by ++ KJS is here. New books excite me. {yes, I know how nerdy that makes me & I don’t care! } I’m a bookworm & I delight in my bookworminess. :O)

It just came in time, as I’ve been having a really lousy few days. Since I fell while riding the bicycle on Thursday afternoon, I have been in great pain & therefore not moving much. This totally sucks, but at the same time I am very grateful that I can complain about moving…I still CAN move my arms & legs{ although it hurts like all-get-out to do so at the moment. }

I read the introduction of the book this morning.Another one of my all-time favorite Christian writers, Joan Chissater, OSB wrote the introduction for ++ Katharine’s latest book.

This is gonna be awesome.

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