ready set ADVENT!!!


Sunday is the Feast of Christ The King…and then we have four weeks of Advent before Christmas.

Suffice it to say I am feeling overwhelmed. I am trying to maintain an attitude of gratitude while keeping the TRUE meaning of Advent & Christmas is always a challenge for me…especially since I’ve moved to Florida. I miss my godfamily & my extended Pennsylvania Irish-American clan up North but yet these past three years have made me realized how blessed I am with my parish.

I am so NOT ready for Advent & Christmas. Heck, Thanksgiving is one week from today & I still am not ready for that national holiday. Of course much of my hesitation in anticipating the Advent & Thanksgiving season is how BAD last year’s holiday season was for me. Suffice it to say I never want to deal with another Advent like last years. :O( Also, due to unforseen circumstances I ended up stuck in Northwest Florida over Thanksgiving …which was totally not fun. :O( The only thing about last year that totally saved Advent for me were my parish family. We are doing so many cool things differently this year & I’m looking forward to it with more ” gusto” than was last year’s season.

Tomorrow, I am starting the Thanksgiving festivities with a funeral for a dear parishioner. But on a happier note I treated myself with a copy of ++ Katharine’s latest book & so far I am loving it as much as I love her first book. :O) There is even a chapter in the latest book where our Presiding Bishop mentions baptizing an 11-year-old child when she visited All Saints Church in Mobile…and she also discusses her time with the Native American Episcopal parish here near Atmore, Alabama. How cool is that? :O)


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