Welcome, Year A!

Ok, I know I am majorly remiss on keeping up with this blog. Thanksgiving sorta took over last week: I was in Atlanta with family over Wednesday-Thursday & Friday I totally dedicated my day to viewing the Bama-AU game on the TV. { And no : I am NOT happy with the game’s results but what can I say….AU wanted the win more than did my Crimson Tide….I mean * really* The entire first half was all about the Tide & then they had to lose to ” that team” by one stinking point. Grr! AU played unnecessarily rough & in my not-so-humble opinion should have received several more penalties for unsportsmaship-like conduct & unnecessary roughness. But I am not too unhappy with the way Bama played this season…they played a full schedule with some GOOD teams & if it were not for some careless mistakes might have remained unbeaten. I know that I should support the SEC team that * is* in the run for a National Championship but my pride is keeping me from doing so. We’ll see. I am very happy that Ohio State beat * Ichigan & Florida State also won against those dreaded Gators. My Steelers won{ barelty, but they did win} yesterday , too.

Anyhow, the first Sunday in Advent was WONDERFUL! I painted my fingernails Sarum blue in honor of the season. When I attended Roman Catholic Mass with my Grandmother Mac as a wee child I always remember the Advent season as being one of deep purple. But I learned a couple of years ago that in some Anglican parishes, the color ” Sarum blue” is used with or in place of the color purple for Advent. While the good little traditionalist in me is in favor of purple the more enlightened, anti-Vatican side of me likes the distinctly Anglican tradition of using Advent blue. Ah, the perils of being a postmodern traditionalist anti-Papal establishment feminist Anglo-Catholic! :O)

Naturally I saved my EfM reading until this evening. I *loved* Year One & am finding Year Two to be not quite as riveting as was last years’. OT . But it is all fascinating…but NT is more familiar & therefore not as curiosity- satisfying as was OT.

It is finally ” cold” here on the Gulf Coast & I am loving it! The local high school’s football team is still winning playoff games. On Friday they beat a Pensacola powerhouse team in a playoff rematch! { and no I am NOT Obsessed about football…not at all. Ha! }

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  • david  On 12/01/2010 at 12:17 pm

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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