Quotable Quote & Advent thoughts

I came across a GREAT quote this morning { because I woke insanely early & had time to proverbial ” kill” } when I was reading more from my copy of Bishop Katharine’s new book.

The quote, uttered by Martin Luther King, Jr from a letter written from a Birmingham, Alabama jail, goes like this:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Injustice is not only about racial injustice, but can be found whenever one or more groups of people try to marginalize a group{ or groups} they deem ” unworthy”.

The human family needs to take care of one another. And no, I’m not meaning that the government should be responsible for meeting ALL our needs, but that the system should be so that there is enough for everyone without ANYONE feeling jilted. Government cannot & never will replace the decency of people who care about other people.

Every Advent, my parish erects an Angel Tree in the narthex. Parishioners & friends are encouraged to take one of the slips of paper that contains a childs first name , age & Christmas wish list. these gifts are then brought back & distributed with the food packages by the local Caring & Sharing of South Santa Rosa County { Google it!} I’ve participated in Caring & Sharing for several years & every year the generosity of folks such as my parishioners astounds me. My favorite Saturday during Advent is when I go to the distribution site & help other volunteers pack boxes of food, toys & other items that the Caring & Sharing organization has collected for families in need.

Injustice & prejudice affects us all…and perhaps it is those who feel a need to make themselves & their demographic group seem superior to a group or groups other than their own. I feel sorry for those who se minds & hearts are so closed that they are willing to sit idle while injustice against groups of people occur around the world . The fight against injustice can & should start here in our own nation. The effects of Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans area exposed some ugly injustices right here ” in our own backyard” that until that storm came ashore, were hidden well. Poverty exists in other parts of the globe but it also occurs here. Poverty & other forms of injustice do no stranger to many Americans, even within middle & upper-class towns & neighborhoods poverty exists.

I live in a beach community, & even here on the gorgeous Gulf Coast, there are many people in need.

Especially in the current economy, hard-working people are financially strapped. If the current economic situation isn’t affecting you on a personal level, I know that we all know those who have lost much during this recession.

++ Katharine says all the time that she envisions a world of * shalom” , a world where no one goes to sleep homeless and/or hungry, a society where individuals are judged pasted in their content of character & not skin color, religion, gender, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation.

As people of faith, we are called to fight injustice in all its forms & each of us can do SOMETHING* to inch society closer to equality.

It is my hope & prayer that I live to see society grow closer to that grand vision of shalom.

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