Join the Conspiracy!

I am joining a conspiracy….The Advent Conspiracy, that is For real–what did y’all think I meant ?:O)

One of the reasons why I tend to become depressed during this time of year is that Christmas has almost become nothing but a ” season” of overspending. And in this tight economy, I know I need to be ” lean” with shopping. This * really* stinks, as I love to give gifts to people in my life who mean a lot to me. But, when I was praying last night it occurred to me that I’d have a healthier & much happier Advent season & Christmastide if I remember that this time of year is NOT about consumerism. This has been really hard to do this year…it seems to me that the buying frenzy has started to bombard the senses even earlier this year than I’ve recalled in years past.

So, this Advent I’ve pledged to do four things:
~ Worship fully
~Spend less
~Give more
~Love all.

As I’ve already stated, spending less this year won’t be too much of a problem…If I remember what the true Gift of the season is & that, as my priest pointed out in my parish’s newsletter article
” It’s not a buildup to Christmas , and by that I mean the feast & presents. Advent is its own thing. Advent is about hopeful anticipation”.

Amen, Fr Ant. It’s amazing how the parish newsletter can be a vehicle for some profound truths :O) .

I will spend less but also give more. As I’ve grown up I’ve noticed that what makes Advent & Christmas special & joy-full are the times spent with people. I am richly blessed with so many fine people in my life right now & the gift of PRESENCE { or just ” Hanging out” with friends or sharing a meal together} is priceless. YOu cannot put a price tag on relationships & in the gift of the Son, God truly was present with humanity.

Join me in the Advent Conspiracy, 2010.

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