Convention 2011: Wh00t!

Today we had ONE Mass followed by our parish’s Annual meeting{ and THEN followed by a monthly Potluck!} Although I generally am not a fan of annual parish meetings, this one went by well. 201o was an…unusual year for me & my parish. But its all good now. When I was a Presbyterian I HATED congregational meetings & the still are far from my favorite part of life as an Episcopalian. But let me go on record as saying that Anglican Partish Annual Meetings are really not as trying as are the similar sorts of meetings I attended as a Presbyterian.

I. Love. My . Parish! :O)

We elected two new Vestry members & three Convention delegates. And….I am going to Convention as a VOTING delegate. Last year I went, but went as my parish’s alternate delegate. This year, I actually have a vote. :O) Plus, the format of the Convention will be the usual three-day{ well, more like two-and-a half days} event in Fairhope, Alabama. My parish has a GREAT group of delegates for the 2011 Central Gulf Coast Convention & of course it shall be wonderful to see my friends from around the Diocese at Convention.

An added joy this year will be the ordination of the Diocese’s first class of vocational { permanent, for all my Roman Catholic friends} deacons. My dear Cursillio sister-in-Christ, Susan, will be among those ordained & I am triple glad that I get to personally witness her ordination into the Order of { vocational} Deacons. Susan, I am so so so so proud of you!

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