College daze

{ yes, I spelled that correctly}

I’ve been ill at home for 36 hours & am REALLY bored & feeling icky. But when I feel icky I remember that my life is full of some AWESOME people. Tonight I am thinking about & giving thanks for my West Liberty State College crew.

Hey y’all…..remember:
~ the great ” deluge” that was the cause of the water shut-off in Hughes Hall.
~Zias’ Pizza & rejoicing when Dominoes opened at the foot of the hill.
~ kappa Phi winning * every* Homecoming.
~” Luscious Luann” & all her tyranny in the Elbin Library.
~ Fun with Food in the cafe
~Mulls is the place …{ finish that phrase & I’ll give ya bonus points}
~ English majors: Dr Coyne’s fun & crazy Halloween parties at her house.
~” Don’t eat the yellow snow”.
~ ” Dinner at Jenny’s”
~ Taking ownership of the St C Wal-Mart until we took our antics too far & got kicked out of that store.
~ Dungeons & Dragons with supper cooking in the Krise Hall second floor kitchen.
~Blair’s alarm clock that could seriously wake the dead.
~ Piehole Reilly & his bursts of energy.
~ Plaid Christmas cards
~ Partying at Fran’s
~Ramen Noodles……cooked in my coffee pot.
~ Three college women in a dorm room made for barely two. :O)
~VAXA { ok, now I am * really* showing my age}
~ Internet Relay Chat ON the VAXA machines.
~ Professors’ nicknames
~Dr Mahy’s Hour Of Power{ my music friends…}
~ Two hour science lab & me never quite understanding metrics.
~ Greg & the Mouse Genome Project.

I miss y’all.

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