All I want for Christmas is…

” am i asking too much?” ~ani difranco

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Since I have two Masses at which to attend & serve, I’m not planning to blog tomorrow.

One of my Christmas wishes, the repeal of DADT has already occurred. As a matter of fact, both my Facebook status updates yeserday were about the repeal of DADT. This is freaking awesome, but there is still so much more that our GLBT citizens need that we straight people take for granted every day.

But here are some other things I want for Christmas:

~ An oil-free Gulf of Mexico
~ The ending of child, elderly & animal abuse.
~ An economic climate where all those who can work are able to find gainful employment. I want those who employ to treat those on their payroll fairly & pay each & every one a living wage.
~Honest politicians..regardless of party affiliation
~A cure for cancer…I’ve lost two wonderful men from my parish in 2010. RIP Stan J & ” Captain” John…you both are missed terribly.
~ I want a society where Christians are not immediately assumed to be bigots.
~I just want people to be nicer to one anther. No matter what our differences , all of us are members of the human family.
~An end to the bullying epidemic in our nation’s schools.
~Gender equality.

Yeah…perhaps I am asking to much.

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