Wisdom from a friend on FB

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I got this quote from a FB friend who attended my high school. { THANKS!!}

” Isn’t it funny how best friends become complete strangers and complete strangers become best friends 🙂 Guess it’s all about getting older, moving on, and being happy with who is in my life NOW and not “THEN” I will not stress about how things have changed anymore.”

O My Gosh…isn’t THAT the truth!

She is correct, it is pointless to waste time & energy wondering what happened with people who let petty so-called ” Loyalties” ruin what friendship is supposed to be. Its been over three years & there is a part of me that still smarts from the pain of those who chose to cut me out of their corporate lives due to a calling that I’m certain now was truly from God. When I left that other church I did lose many ” friends” but in hindsight I’ve gained more than friends, I am truly part of a parish FAMILY!

10 years of being a part of that very….dysfuctional Presbyterian church resulted in a lot of severed friendships. { apparently shunning is permissible in the PCUSA. Who knew? } Anyway, I don’t totally blame the clergy of that Presbyterian Church….it is & was run by egotistical laypeople who are more concerned with maintaining things as they are than about being Church.

I left that church & am not looking back. I am following what my Creator , Redeemer & Sustainer wants me to do & I have never been happier. My parish family has taught me & continues to teach me, how to be a better albeit imperfect person. I’m free to grow to be the person GOD intends for me to become, & I am not put in some small box .

When I left that church NO ONE called, emailed or otherwise offered me pastoral care or counsel. yet even before I ” decided{ God decided it for me, I was home in The Episcopal Church}. Yeah that hurt like heck but I found out who my real friends are & met so many other people without whom my life would be less rich. Clearly they don’t need me & I don’t need them either.

In the words of Carly Simon: ” I haven’t got time for the pain”.

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