Rain: Perfect to gripe on DC shennanigans

It is rainy, my osteoarthritis is inflaming my back & The ” Powers that be ” in DC experienced a changing of the guard.

I don’t like to talk politics, either in-person or via the written word, but today seems appropriate to spout off my opinion on the American political scene.

As young{ er} people say, the political atmosphere is & shall remain an EPIC FAIL. Two years of the democrats in charge of both houses & one year of controlling two out of three branches of our government yielded no good news. { Ok, I’ll concur that the repeal of DADT is the * only* accomplishment of the last Congress} Today the CNN airwaves { and I can just imagine more of the same old crap in a more partisan form on both FOX & MSNBC. I dont watch either of those ” news” stations.} aired the swearing-in of the next Congress & my only response is a big SO WHAT?

Nothing will change iuntil there is a true peoples’ revolution that will destroy both the Republican and the Democratic parties. In reality these are two opposiite sides of the same political body….the system that looks out for rich, white , men & the interests of corporations.

Nothing will change as long as Big Money controlls the government by buying votes. Lobbying is a horrible idea & both political parties are controlled by these winers {” whiners?”} & diners who are hired & supported by Big Corporation. The interests of average Americans are overlooked as more laws are passed to protect the interests of
Corporate America.

All this to say that I am done with supporting any major-party candidate. I’ll vote Libertarian from now on, as their platform seems to be the only one that is sensible. If no Libertarian is on the ballot, I’ll vote for the Independent.

So long, mainstream politics!

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