Beaches & woodlands in FL

Native Northwest Floridians tell me that this part of the country has some of the best woods around & even a Northeastern Appalachian Foothill gal such as myself will appreciate the woodlands of my adopted home.Even though I’ve lived in Northwest Florida for 12 years, I’ve not yet been out in these woods.

The longer I live here the more I appreciate the incredible natural beauty that surrounds me. One of my best gal pals & I drove to Destin today & When we crossed the bridge the beauty of the green water was almost literally breathtaking. My priest, who is a native son of this area, also informed me that some of the best clay can be dug here in these local clay pits! Who knew?

The beaches here are unparalleled in their beauty. and no I’m not just saying that as a resident, folks who visit me from other parts of the nation say the same thing about our white sandy beaches in Northwest Florida.

The Florida Panhandle has natural beauty that is truly ” beaches to woodlands” & I’m really looking forward to my first foray into the local woods. I’m hoping to see some woodland critters, but am not sure if we’ll see any since it * is* hunting season here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I’m bringing my little camera & I hope to see some wildlife. While I am not opposed of guns at all{ I came of age in a hunting & fishing culture…my Dad was the * only* Dad in our country neighborhood who * did not* own a gun} , the only shooting I’ll do shall be with my digital camera.

{ By the way, if anyone wants to donate to the _ Sarah Beth Wants a New Camera With a Good Telephoto Lens_ , contact me.:O) }

I grew up in the country & where I live currently is pretty rural{ by Florida standards anyway} But there is nothing like driving through a real country road & seeing the eyes of little woodland creatures. Of course the down side is that many of these creatures get hit by cars & left on the side of the road, but I’m not dwelling on the negative tonight.

When the weather is warmer, I do wanna try tent camping at one of our local parks. The last time I went tent camping I was at Cape San Blas near Apalachicola, FL. We’d taken two campsites for the weekend & when we woke on Saturday morning the tents had fallen in & EVERYTHING was soaked due to one of those unpredictable Florida rainstorms. We had to pile into cars & drive into town for a landromat! Some of my fellow campers complained about the dampness & the inconvienence of driving into town, but I saw it as an adventure. By the way, the teens assembled the tents. Note to self: Never let children assemble tents unless they are proven as experienced campers. :O) A good time was had by all!

This is the Year Of Thankfulness & I am very thankful for where I live.

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