Journaling…One Year of POSITIVE

I have decided that 2011 is The Year of The Journal. :O) A school friend with whom I reconnected on FaceBook came up with the idea of keeping a daily log of life with the focus on the positive.

Wow…I have not faithfully kept a ” pen & paper” journal since middle school{ and trust me, there were few positive entries in my journals from those years!}

The idea is to remember to communicate one’s blessings each day. naturally I’m a bit late with purchasing my journal, but now that I have one & am on day Four this project is starting to be a good way for me to spend time contemplating{ and yes, praying} about how blessed I am. My life is far from perfect, but I’ve discovered that contentment is all about attitude.

For instance: today we honor the legacy & life of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. I may be Caucasian, middle-class, straight & educated but that does not mean that I should ignore the plight of the poor & oppressed. Dr King’s ” dream” is much, much closer to becoming a total reality but there is much to be done yet. It is still socially acceptable for people to discriminate against GLBT persons & there are so many working families who must choose between keeping shelter for themselves & loved ones or buying groceries.

I don’t have all the answers & am pretty sure that the Congress won’t solve this problem now, either. But I do believe that all can benefit from showing lovingkindness towards those who are different from we.

Women still are discriminated against in this country by some people & in other parts of the world girls & women are routinely subjected to horrors about which I am not elaborating. One of the most riveting{ and sad} books I’d read in 2010 is _Half The Sky_ This was * not* an easy read but one that has altered how I see my place in the world as an American woman. It is an amazing book, but not one for the squeamish.

I am blessed with so much & I admit that I take no notice of how fortunate I am on many days. This journal project is slowly helping me realize that I am rich.

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