Packed & ready for Convention 11

I am all packed for my two day Convention trip over to coastal Alabama. And I’ve lost most of my speaking voice! Of course this HAD to happen the week of the Convention in my Diocese….grrr. But I am excited anyhow, as I’ll see many of my friends from around the Diocese.

I’ll arrive on Thursday & come home sometime Saturday afternoon. Naturally I’ve carry my laptop with me & I’ll * try* to blog each night from Michael & Janet’s place, where I’m staying. :O) At any rate , I’ll have my cell phone with me & probably text some snarky Facebook updates{ Especially during the address….hahahaha}

Thursday evening’s opening Mass will include the ordination of my Diocese’s first ” class” of vocational deacons. This will be the first ordination of any sort I get to attend since I had to miss my friend Tim’s ordination{ but I was there in spirit….really!} to the priesthood last weekend. After the ordination Mass I’m invited to a party in Susan’s honor…then I’ll go home with Michael & Janet get a full night’s sleep.

This Convention shall be busy….we’re voting not only on Standing Committee members & resolutions, but also on who will respresent us at the 2012 General Convention. I already know who I am voting for on both & I “ain’t” tellin’ :O) Suffice it to say that in my opinion ALL the lay & collared candidates are well-qualified. I wish that someone would have nominated me to go to General Convention this upcoming time but I know I am still a fairly new Episcopalian.

I look forward to the official name change of our Diocese…..finally removing the word ” protestant” from our official name. Sorry Steve…:O) Most of the resolutions make sense but naturally someone had to throw in a perfectly ridiculous one just to get people talking. { at least I hope that is the resolution-writers’ intent…..he cannot be serious about what he proposed!}But we’ll see.

” God is great, beer is good & people are crazy”.

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