me & my autism part ten million

The first part of my day was really lousy. I had my twice-annual dentist’s appointment & cleaning today. I have MAJOR sensory issues & the dentist chair is one of the worst places for someone on” the spectrum”. All my senses were overwhelmed, but especially my sense of smell. I’ve discovered that the smell of latex really sets me off.

Thankfully, the woman who cleans my teeth knows of my autism & switched to a non-latex pair of gloves–halfway through the cleaning. But, she did make a note on my chart to use the non-latex gloves in the future! She is so patient with me & I am such a bad client.

I sure as anything would NOT want to deal with me if I were in any medical profession but dental visits especially overwhelm me. As with most people on the autism spectrum, when I am overwhelmed I tend to want to have what in generally called a ” meltdown”. No, I don’t scream , kick or otherwise act out physically, but I do become very grouchy, ” squirmy”, & downright unpleasant. what folks need to understand about autism is that the sensory issue s are very real to those of us with autism. What might only slightly annoy a neurotypical person{ such as the smell of latex} can be physically torturous for those of us on the autism spectrum.

No offense to anyone in the dental profession , but I am the world’s worst dental patient. Smells , noise & tactile sensations can bother me & the combination of all the above in close proximity to my head .

Please understand, we don’t mean to be rude or seem demanding towards health-care professionals. But our brains * are* different from those of most people & this can cause a lot of confusion & misunderstandings . I feel badly for anyone who has me as a patient!

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