Why hate public school teachers?

When I woke this morning & saw on the news that Wisconsin’s Assembly has voted to restrict unions of public workers my heart sank.

{For the record, I blame BOTH major political parties in power for the mess that is the American political scene.}

I have many friends who are teachers & school-related employees & I also worked in the public education sector here in Florida.

It is scary. My fear is that the Congress & state governments will slowly remove the remaining middle class if every state follows Wisconsin’s precedent. I’ve learned from my friends who teach on Ohio face a similar bill in their State House & Senate. :O(

Do politicians not realize that education is key to making productive { and tax-paying!} citizens from our young people? Teachers work harder than any profession out there today & deserve the right to negotiate for fair compensation for their work. In order to keep up with other developed nations, we need an educated future work force. And teachers & other school personnel are the key ingredients to successful public schools.

Not everyone can afford to send their children to private or parochial schools & as a former school district employee I firmly believe that EVERY child deserves a good education. I’m pretty sure that the children of our state & local politicians are able to afford to send THEIR children to the finest private schools in their respective states. Good for them, but should not public school children receive the best education that tax money can buy? Trimming the education budget by eliminating unions for teachers is not the solution to balancing state budgets.

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