Hey, CNN:Your Disaster Coverage is Overdone…as usual.

I woke to news of even more destruction in Japan. My TV stayed on CNN fo about a minute, until I hit the OFF button in disgust.

I was a journalism major & I know the importance of getting the information out to the pubic But when these natural disasters happen, am reminded of how much cable news{ ALL three cable news stations are guilty of this but I’m picking on CNN since it is the only cable news outfit that I can tolerate} really dramatizes such disasters in order to boost ratings. Of course it is important for citizens to be informed of what happens in our world. Yet is it* really* necessary to have a live video feed of floating bodies in umpteen feet of water? I think not.

This phenomenon of ” if t bleeds, it leads” has become so unbearable for me that when ” breaking news” of natural or human-made disaster occur I’ll log on to the Internet & selectively read the stories. At least online journalism provides us with ways to glean the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW. In my opinion, cable news has forgotten its humble roots.


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