Lent 1 2011

First Sunday of Lent 2011

Today is the first Sunday in Lent.

In addition to my usual abstinence from chocolate , these next 40 days I am planning to take on more disciplines.

~ Pray the Prayer of Humble Access every morning. Everyone needs a good dose of humility to start the day & I figure that Lent is as good a time as any to actively seek humility.

~Forgive a debt…and I am not speaking of a monetary debt. During Lent I vow to prayerfully seek out a way in which to forgive “Melli” a former friend here on the Redneck Riviera who totally, & with no explanation, cut me clean out of her life. On Tuesday I made a tangible step towards this endeavor by finding a new home for the gorgeous Marian rosary that M. had given me as a Confirmation gift when I came into the Church. This sacramental has been blessed by a priest{ and one of my all-time favorite priests, too!} so I could not throw this strand of beads away. Since I’ve purged myself of any tangible gift from Melli, I hope & pray that I will find it in my heart to finally forgive her. Hmm, it would be * so* much easier to forgive a debt of money owed than to forgive an ex-friend but I am committed to working on such forgiveness. My refusal to forgive M. her unexplained rejection of my friendship hurts only ME & my walk with Our Lord.

~Meet with { Via phone} My Spiritual Director once weekly. After my conversations with Bob+ I always feel more hopeful. at our last meeting, Bob+ gave me the ” homework” of praying Psalm 121 aloud every day for one week.

~ Continue to work on gaining enough weight to be healthy. “Best Dude” is & has been a wonderful champion for my quest to gain & maintain a healthy weight for my tall frame. Most people take on the discipline of losing weight during Lent, but to someone with a history of disordered eating, gaining & maintaining enough poundage to be healthy is just as hard. Truly. And I believe that I WILL succeed, with God’s help!

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