Lent 2 2011

Today is the second Sunday of Lent 2011.

The Gospel appointed for today was the story of Nicodemus, but I chose to write on the succinct yet poignant wedding homily given by my Rector at Friday’s Blessing of a Civil Marriage.

{ I am happy that our BCP has a rite for Blessing of a Civil marriage}

Anyhow, he told the newly married couple that there are Three L’s” that are key to making a lifetime committment work.

1. Laugh: retain a sense of humor.
2. Listen: Rather than merely hearing what your partner is saying, LISTENING is key to the success of any marriage or other committed relationship.
LOVE will come naturally if the other two L’s are followed.

I attended the early Mass at my church with Best Dude, taught Sunday school & ” pinch-hit” with nursery duty during the 10:30 Mass. I came home, ate lunch, puttered around on my computer, then took a LONG Sunday afternoon nap before supper.

I am looking forward to meeting with my EfM group on Tuesday. Wednesday I will be attending Evening Prayer, a Lenten soup supper with Best Dude followed by choir rehearsal. This has been a very busy & fun week for me & I look forward to whatever the week will bring.

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