Lent 3 2011

Today is the third Sunday of Lent, 2011. This has been a rather unusual week for me.

The bathroom is being redone & the house is a mess! Ad if the construction isn’t stressful enough, on Wednesday I lost my special BCP, the one that was given to me by my parish when I was confirmed. Best Dude & I looked everywhere & cannot find it, so , being the awesome gentleman that he is, Best Dude let me borrow his copy of the Prayer Book until I can get a new one. :O) What a guy!

Best Dude & I are responsible for making” white” chili{ his recipe, not mine} for this week’s Lenten soup supper. My parish is doing something different this year during Lent: Each Wednesday we gather for Evensong in the nave & follow that with a soup supper over in the parish hall. parishioners take turns making homemade soups & others bring bread, crackers ect. Choir practice follows the supper so it makes for a *very* long evening.:O)

{Btw, ALL are welcome to join us for worship & fellowship}

This Lenten season I’ve taken on the discipline of learning patience. So far I haven’t made too much progess in this endeavor, but the positive thing is that I am becomig more aware of my impatience. I’ve also taken on eating MORE…as I am still unnaturally scrawny. :OP . I’ve gained a nominal amount of weight but I{ and others} have noticed that my clothes fit a we bit better. :O)

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