Lent 5: Palm/Passion Sunday

My priest asked me to participate in the Passion liturgy this morning during the early Mass. I was Reader 2 in a three-part dramatic reading of the Passion Gospel….I readall the parts of everyone but Christ Himself & the narrator of this Gospel.

But what kept re-entering my mind tis morning is an old song that we sang every Holy Week back when I attended the Other Church. This choral anthem, titled _ Is It I, Lord_ It talks about Christ sitting at table with His friends & knowing that one of them would betray Him. This song’s lyrics are so powerful because each & every one of us s like Judas in the fact that WE betray our Lord by our actions. We profess to love Him, but many times our actions betray Him.

Its scary to think how damning this Gospel story is for me… & it is usually during the liturgy of Palm/Passion Sunday & Goo Friday that humanity’s wrechedness is revealed.It was you & us, Christ’s followers & friends, who lead the Roman soldiers to Him. We are the ones who told Pilate to “Crucify Him”.

Is it I, Lord. Yep.

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